Nov 17

Saving On Basic Utilities

Proper management of household utilities can help to save large amounts of money for many families. There are many steps that can be taken to help slightly or dramatically decrease the cost of utilities. These are especially essential steps to take in preserving energy in areas such as the great state of Texas. Energy consumption can become overwhelming in terms of the electric bill and the cost of maintaining average monthly utilities.

Imagine an exterior makeover of the home contributing to energy preservation. Paint the rooftop of the home white and notice a great decrease in the energy bill. In climates that are very sunny such as Texas, studies revealed that buildings with white roofs required a smaller amount of energy to cool than buildings which had black rooftops. This could incur a savings of more than 100 annually to the energy bill. This change can be implemented using a blend of durable, waterproof and flexible polymers and it is also a low cost revision to the current rooftop that will result in long term savings.

It is not considered by many that water usage is a utility that is billed twice in most homes. There is a charge to pump it into the home and then another rate of charge to pump it out as sewage. In an effort to save on this utility some companies afford the option of obtaining an alternate meter. This meter is designated to accurately measure the water that is used for swimming pools, irrigation and other outdoor water usage as needed. After the installation of this unit, the monthly reading conducted by the utility company will be deducted from the sewage utility bill. Although there is an initial investment required to obtain the meter, the overall savings will allow the meter to basically pay for itself in a short period of time.

There are many other basic steps that can be taken to decrease utility costs. Preset the hot water heater to 120 degrees. Setting the temperature higher has been proven to waste between 35 and 62 annually. Perform the little tasks like turning off electrical appliances while sleeping. Items such as lights, fans, radios and other electronics that are not in use can help save money if turned off overnight. Using reusable furnace and AC filters is a great contribution to utility conservation costs as well. Many utility companies, such as the ones at, offer incentives for homeowners to upgrade their utility appliances to more energy efficient models. The incentives are usually received in the form of a rebate check or a credit on the utility bill for the incentive amount. Taking only a couple of these simple steps will produce an overall savings in the monthly utility payments.

Jun 25

The Battle Between Rock and “Rock”

According to one television provider’s site, a person can gain access to over 80 channels devoted to over 80 music genres. Amongst those are several different kinds of rock including both Classic Rock and Contemporary Rock – or “Rock” as the purists might call it.

A fair amount of time has been spent on my site talking about contemporary rock but I haven’t really spent much time talking about the differences between this stuff and the old stuff. I try to avoid divisive talk like that, but it’s clear that rock fans see the difference and it should be addressed.

The differences between Rock and, well, “Rock” range from the subtle to specific criticisms and since it would take an entire blog to address these, I’ll try to list the highlights.

Let’s start with sound. If you’re talking about instruments, there is virtually no difference in the sound other than what essentially boils down to personal preference. The same goes for lyrics. Some fans of the old guard like to say that the new stuff is comparably “weaker” but the fact is that both are just as passionate – they just stem from different times.

In the end, it depends on what you want of the experience and what artists speak to you and YOUR generation. Just because contemporary rock may not speak to the older fans doesn’t make it any less relevant.

Jun 2

Rock Bands And Their Musical Influences

Rock Bands And Their Musical Influences

Tracing Back History
There are a number of contemporary rock n roll bands that have currently released new albums. These groups are The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Primal Scream, and The Raveonettes. All three of these bands have earlier origins and at least ten years under their belt in the music industry.

The Major Influences
You can trace back the influences of The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to the early sounds of American blues, ’50s and ’60s rock n roll (more…)

Mar 23

Music To Rock To While Working Or Playing

There is no shortage of great rocking songs in the US. We take great pride in being a rock and roll nation. The best song ever to rock out to while doing housework or driving down the road is “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Another great sing along song is “Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes or Phil Collins.
If you want more hard rock you can check out Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” but the best true rock comes from none other than AC/DC with “You Shook Me All Night (more…)

Jun 5

Contemporary Rock Bands Are They The Same Style

Throughout the years there are times when bands are accused of jumping on the bandwagon and copying a popular sound. Indeed, during the nineties when grunge was the genre of choice, many bands were accused of being a poor man’s Pearl Jam or a Nirvana rip-off. It is of little surprise then, that contemporary rock bands should fall foul of the same criticism. While it is true that certain bands may have a similar style and feel to them, it is not true of all contemporary rock bands.

Rock music is considered as one (more…)

Jun 2

Is Contemporary Music An Alternative For You

Contemporary music has been a great alternative for many people that are looking for something new. Everyone comes to a point where they get tired of the type of music that they grew up on. They get tired of the same old sounds and they look for something new to inspire them.

This happens quite often in the area of gospel music. People may spend years growing up listening to what their parents listen to. It is only when (more…)

Jun 1

How Does Music Affect Your Health And WellBeing

From the womb to our funeral service, music plays a life long role in nearly every person’s life. Some of us can’t get out of bed in the morning without music to get us on our feet. Every holiday and life event has its own music dedicated to it from “Trick or Treat” to “Happy Birthday” and everything in between. We play music on our happiest of occasions, such as “The Wedding March”, to our most sad and somber times with “Amazing Grace”. Music makes us dance, sing and feel alive because it is harmoniously connected to (more…)

May 30

Are You The Next Contemporary Music Star

Music lovers always dream of becoming the next big thing in the music indutry. Do you have what it takes to make music come alive and have everyone wanting to see your shows and buy your albums? If so you may be the next big “star” that makes it all happen.
You may have a unique sound that no one else has and you could be more talented than you ever thought. If this is the case contact a local studio to find out if you can audition and get started (more…)